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  • Andi International Logistics Limited is a first-grade international freight forwarder enterprise,which was approved by the ministry of commerce,NVOCC.The company's registered capital is RMB 5 million. Andi International Logistics Limited is principally engaged in shipping, air freight, shipping agent, Terminal storage, loading and unloading, transport and Container yard. At the same time, concurrently engaged in ship chartering, accessories sales and so on. Our business are mainly distributed in Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhu and some other ports along the Yangtze river. Andi International Logistics Limited has built shipping agency network in southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, we have also established good relations of cooperation with the major shipping companies and major ports in the world.


    Besides, Andi International Logistics Limited has set up the Andi Container Transport Limited as subsidiary, which is specializing in container transport and other road transport business. Our company is committed to build Foreign trade logistics service platform which combines the functions of international trade agent, international freight agency, information consultation, projectdesign, qualified service agency, cargo dis- tribution transport (including railway transport, road transport and air transport), storage and handling services, finance settlement and so on.


    On the basis of national macroeconomic development orientation, predict the future economic develop- ment mode,our company constantly consolidate the foundation work, improve company's overall service quality, enhance supply chain operating ability by regional advantage and the network architecture of do- mestic and overseas. Andi International Logistics Limited consistently seek information and resources sharing, improve circulation efficiencyand reduce business operating costs to provide customers with better service and help customersto improve their competitiveness for a broader market and the potential of de-velopment. We believe that all of these efforts will make our company towards the informatization, net-working, intensive, internationalization direction to sustained steady development and growth!


    All Andi staffs will serve you with taking the workable and efficient enthusiasm, we hope to supply you some strength and help in the intense market competition!


    Welcome people from all of the world with business cooperation!

  • Enterprise mission:
    Public service, global services.

    Corporate philosophy:
    To create value for customers; create life for the staff; dedicate to the society.

    Business philosophy:
    The quality of survival, to serve a performance, seeking to brand development to build international trade, logistics and related professional services platform, and make unremitting efforts.

    Management concept:
    People-oriented, self-management.

    Service concept:
    The customer is always right; customer demand that the needs of the market, the needs of society and go all out to complete; professional, dedicated, honest, quality service is the eternal pursuit.

    Acts of ideas:
    The right way to do the right thing, that the pursuit of accurate results; employees of enterprises that conduct business on behalf of the image of team spirit is the fundamental guarantee for us forward.

    Development concepts:
    Information, network-based, intensive and international.
  • Network advantage:
    Our network throughout the country large and medium-sized port city, Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and Australia and other countries and regions.

    Price advantage:
    Set a number of advantages of an air route prices and the prices first-class agents.

    Service advantage:
    We provide full-service rest assured, built around fast service; unimpeded security services. Our approach is to ports and overseas full-service to your side, We provide full-service for International trading and logistics.

    Professional advantage:
    We have a number of logistics professionals, and foreign trade of professional talents, to provide you with total logistics solutions, because the international flow of goods and capital flow which is the correlation between the intertwined with each other.

    Enterprising advantage:
    It is our consistent continued into the style of work, even if 1 percent or less of return, we have to pay a 100 percent effort.

    Government affairs advantage:
    We are with the relevant departments in charge of maintaining relation affairs well, the entire process can help you handle related matters.

    Development history:
    In 2006, Andi International logistics Limited was established. Start to provide professional logistics services for small and medium-sized companies.
    In 2009,Wuhu office was set up. Provide Wuhu port logistics service for customers.
    In 2011, Andi Trade Limited was established. For small and medium-sized companies to provide professional foreign trade business service platform.
    In 2012,The company's global marketing center and management center was established in Shanghai.
    In 2014, Andi Container Transport Limited was established to provide professional container transport services.
    In 2016,Nanjing office was set up to provide customers with Nanjing port logistics services.
    In 2019,Nningbo branch was set up to provide customers with Ningbo port logistics services.
    In 2019, Andi Bonded Logistics Limited was established in Guangde Bonded Logistics Center to provide customers with bonded logistics and cross-border e-commerce services.