Message for New Year 2019

Dear customers and friends from all walks of life: The new 2019 has come. On behalf of all the colleagues of Andi, I would like to say happy New Year to all the customers and friends who care about and support us. 2018 is a year of growth f


[Top Ten News of Freight Forwarder Logistics Industry in 2018

One FromNovember5toNovember10,2018,thefirstChinaInternationalImportExpositionwasgrandlyopenedinShanghai.ThisisanimportantsymbolofChinasinitiativetoexpandimports,openitsdomesticmarkettotheworldinthenewera,andrealizethetransitionfromsellingth


China power APEC summit to promote trade facilitation

On November 12 to 18, the APEC (APEC) the biggest event in the south Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea. Chinas assistant foreign minister zhang held in November 13, the Chinese and foreign media briefing, said the APEC leaders informal meeting


Good quality in the foreign trade firm benefit is rising steadily

On November 12, the comprehensive bureau of the ministry of commerce and international trade and economic cooperation research institute jointly issued Chinas foreign trade situation report (fall 2018). The report reviewed 2018 years ago in the third quar


Shanghai free trade zone expanded focus remains the system innovation

Free trade zone in Shanghai since its establishment has obtained many important results, formed many regions can be provided to our country to draw lessons from experience of the development of foreign trade, in trade, investment, finance, and to deepen t